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4 Benefits of facial massage to maintain youthful skin

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

If you have ever had a facial massage, you may be surprised to discover the vast array of mysterious sensations that are possible. This is usually the point when my clients go into what I call, twilight sleep, the space between asleep and awake. This is the place dreams are made and the body truly rejuvenates.

You may be wondering if the hype around massage extends past relaxation or if there are indeed added benefits to ensure a dreamy glow. I'm here to shed light on the popular modality of massage, share what it can do, what it can't do, and tips to inspire your homecare massage practice.

Massage is a multifaceted modality and includes a variety of techniques such as tapping, pinching, deep stroking, feather light touch and acupressure to release pressure points. In addition to using hands, there are now a wide variety of tools that you can use to create different effects. It is a hot topic on social media and sought after in facial treatments.

Continue reading to discover 4 powerful benefits of facial massage and how it can help "wake up" the skin and support overall graceful aging.

Benefit #1 - Plump Dewy Skin

Collagen and elastin fibers are an integral component of your skin's appearance. The healthier and stronger they are, the slower the visible signs of aging.

Collagen is responsible for the plumpness of the skin and encourages a radiant glow.

Stimulating the skin with massage helps to keep collagen and elastin healthy by increasing circulation. Blood flow brings vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin's surface which will not only give you a rosy glow, but also stimulates cellular renewal.

Massage is one of the pillars of beautiful skin, keeping it supple and invigorated.

It is important to note, there is still a lot of research to be done in regards to massage and the skin in terms of collagen production, there currently isn't enough data to measure how much collagen production is occurring. Click here to see a recent study of the circulation benefits of facial massage. Massage experts and enthusiasts who incorporate massage into their treatments, boast results that can be seen and felt.

Pro Tip: You will get the most benefit from your massage if you begin with warming up your skin and muscles in gentle circular motions. It is important not to tug and pull your skin when you massage. Be especially be mindful when working the delicate area around the eye.

Benefit #2 - Wrinkle Reduction

Tension in the face created through stress along with repetitive movements and expressions can lead to more wrinkles over time. Everyone naturally holds tension in their face just like we do in the rest of our body. Similarly in the way we work and stretch the muscles in our body to achieve tone muscles, the same principles apply to the face.

A regular massage practice helps to continuously release the origin of tension and train the muscles to relax. The result is a rested appearance.

Pro Tip: Try this acupressure technique: Find the areas of deepest tension in your face, press firmly and hold, begin to incorporate tiny circles and work to release. This can soothe headaches, a tight jaw, pursed lips and furrowed brows. Common areas for acupressure are under the brow bone, along the jaw by the ears, around the mouth and sinuses. There is no right or wrong way just find what feels good.

Benefit #3 - Sculpt Features

A lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that is subtle yet powerful. Slow moving lymph fluid underneath the skin's surface often builds up to create puffiness, sinus pressure and congestion.

Focusing on gently moving the lymph along it's path will help to de-puff and sculpt by removing extra fluids around the facial features along with diminishing toxins. The best way to practice a lymphatic massage is with gentle sweeping and/or pulsing motions, the lymph responds best to subtle pressure. You will often see a reduction in puffiness after just one session.

Massage will not change your facial structure, but it will help give you more contoured features.

Pro Tip: End your facial massages with gentle sweeping motions down from your forehead and from the center of your face out across the cheeks to the sides of the face, down the neck and to the major lymph nodes located in the chest. Repeat this motion at least 3 times, this also promotes overall healing for the immune system. Win win!

Benefit #4 - Improves product absorption

Massage also helps penetrate your favorite topical skincare products to further enhance their effects of improving fine lines, hydration and signs of aging. The various movements across the skin's surface along with the activation of heat in your hands help product absorption of serums and oils.

Pro Tip: Before massaging your skin at home, apply your favorite anti-aging serum topping it with an organic nutritive oil and massage away as you apply.

Bringing massage into your homecare practice

I hope you are inspired to bring facial massage into your home practice on a regular basis. The beauty of conducting massage on yourself is that you can do it anytime it fits in your schedule from the comfort of your own home. The results you notice will accumulate and become sustainable with regular practice.

Daily massages can be as simple as just a few extra minutes during the cleansing or serum application or a little longer with a tool such as gua sha, when you can lavish with more time. An ideal weekly maintenance includes 2-3 massages for 10-20 minutes. Short daily massages can be done in addition anytime. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy incorporating a new self care ritual into your life.

Professional facial Massage

An expert massage during a facial is a detail oriented sensory experience that will leave you feeling invigorated yet relaxed. Depending on the Esthetician, a variety of a techniques and tools may be intertwined to address multiple concerns. No two facial massages are the same as each face has a unique structure and inspires a different series of movements, although they all have one thing in common, the incredible afterglow of your skin.


Hello, my name is Summer, a licensed Esthetician from San Rafael, California. I specialize in corrective facials combined with deep restorative healing. I am obsessed with bringing joy to my clients with results that they see and feel. If you are in the Bay Area, I would love to see you! Click button below and let's get glowing!


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