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Foods to Nourish Skin and Produce Collagen

Beautiful skin starts with powerful nutrition.

When it comes to taking control of aging, diet should not be ignored in a well-rounded beauty routine. Beauty stems from the inside out and runs deeper than products can penetrate. An ethereal healthy glow is illuminated when the body is thriving off of vital vitamins and minerals. Our nutrient intake directly affects how the skin maintains hydration levels and a healthy oil barrier.

Eat with intention. Paying attention to what you put in your body will make a huge impact on the results you see with your skin.

Collagen and elastin are your bodies essential proteins that support healthy skin cells. Collagen is the golden threads of maintaining youthful skin. Eating foods that aid in collagen production is wise when preserving our skin's appearance.

When it comes to eating a diet that boosts collagen, it's also important to be aware of what destroys collagen. Although there is more than one culprit, most commonly consuming high levels of sugar accelerates the aging process in the skin. The resulting aging and adverse condition brought on by too much sugar is known as glycation.

To counter balance a diet of processed foods and sugar (aka collagen killer), one turns to a wide variety of nutrient dense foods to nourish, not only the skin, hair and nails, but also the emotional body and energy levels.

Keep reading to discover some essential skin-loving nutrients (and recipes) to load up on.

An alkaline diet promotes glowing radiant skin by reducing inflammation and supporting a healthy barrier.

Healthy Fats

Some of the best foods you can eat to ensure your skin retains it's hydration and oil barrier are healthy fats. An adequate amount of healthy fat will help your skin, hair and nails remain strong and glossy.

Unprocessed & unrefined oils, avocados, salmon, omega 6 & 3

Recipe: Here's an amazing Moroccan chermoula salmon recipe. Be sure to substitute the canola oil for avocado or coconut oil.

Fiber The gut and the skin are intimately connected. Proper digestion plays a role in the skin's barrier and wards off unwanted breakouts. Fiber also increases circulation and blood flow which is vital in a rosy complexion. Power up the skin's resilience with fiber intake.

Chia Seeds, flax seeds, whole grains, quinoa

Recipe: Check out this yummy high fiber sweet potato chili from EatingWell.

Vitamin C We all know Vitamin C is a must topically for antioxidant protection and evening skin tone. It can also benefit you similarly internally. This provides an internal and external antioxidant approach. Vitamin C is also a catalyst for building collagen. Citrus is a well known source of vitamin C, but you can also obtain it from many other sources.

Berries, oranges, broccoli, peppers, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes

Recipe: Check out this homemade vitamin C gummies recipe from Elise over at Frugal Farm Wife. Yes, homemade gummies! They high in vitamin C and low in sugar – perfect!

Collagen Peptides Collagen peptides help repair damaged skin and support it to appear more youthful. They also increase firmness, skin elasticity, reduces dryness, and will they'll trigger our internal and natural collagen production. Look for collagen in collagen powder supplements/products and in quality bone broth too.

Bovine(cow) or Marine(fish) collagen are the best sources and most bio-available to the body. Look for brands that contain “Hydrolyzed peptides” as they will be the most effective because they are the most recognized and utilized by your body-

*these are not vegan or vegetarian sources.

Recipe: This bone broth recipe from The Forked Spoon is so simple to make at home.

Dark Leafy Greens We all know this by now, but it bares repeating. Dark leafy greens are loaded with nutrients that are vital to skin health. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, beta carotene, lutein and chlorophyll, greens are a must for helping support clear skin along with a glowing complexion.

Kale, spinach, arugula, micro-greens, sprouts, variety is key!

Recipe:Try this dark leafy green smoothie recipe from Chef Katie over at Healthy Seasonal it's truly divine!

Nuts and Seeds Zinc, copper and selenium are minerals that will support clear skin, provide antioxidant protection and keeps skin firm and glowing. Look to nuts and seeds for your dose of these essential minerals.

Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

Recipe: Get creative and make your own nut (or seed) butter at home – so easy!

Eating skin friendly foods is a holistic approach to internally support our topical products to be more effective. Everything works together to produce our most radiant glow!

What do you eat that keeps you looking and feeling your best?


Hello, my name is Summer, a licensed Esthetician from San Rafael, California. I specialize in corrective facials combined with deep restorative healing. I am obsessed with bringing joy to my clients with results that they see and feel.


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