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Reduce Stress, Increase Beauty

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Discover specific ways to awaken your inner beauty

While serums and tools can dramatically help our aging process, they are only part of the picture. The energy beneath the skin's surface will ultimately dictate how you age. Stress is one of the leading causes of accelerated aging in the skin and body, doubling the pace. Yikes!

Of course, looking our best is always a priority but we also want to feel our best. Reducing stress is easier said than done, but it is worth the effort. After all, stress affects the quality of our life's journey as well as impacting other people whom we have relationships with.

Here, I'm breaking down 4 tips that can help calm the nerves and welcome in more beauty to your life. May these tips serve as inspiration and reminders to help support your beautiful mind and skin.

Be such a beautiful soul that people crave your vibes.

Tip 1: Create fulfilling micro-moments Remember no matter what is happening, you are in the journey of your life. Every action, great or small carries the essence of your presence. Within that presence is a certain quality that can be incredibly healing and it all begins in your mind.

Creating fulfilling micro-moments throughout your day serve as touch points that connect you to the beauty of your life and who you want to be. Think of these micro moments as habits that refine your vibration. I suggest keeping them simple so that they are doable.

Here are some examples of fulfilling micro-moments:

  • Take 5 to 10 minutes to read positive quotes first thing in the morning, Pinterest is great for this - check out my quote collection here

  • Set a timer on your phone and make headway on an inspiring book.

  • Listen to a podcast on a walk.

  • Call a friend who makes you laugh.

  • Take a brief time out to listen to a guided meditation

  • Try light learning on a subject of interest.

Exercise plays a big role in increasing circulation, breathing and relieving anxiety, so give your body that much deserved stretch.

Tip 2: Mindful movement practices Worry begins in the brain and resides in the body. It's understandable to feel daily pressures and concerns of the world as they ebb and flow in our realities. Daily breathwork and movement can help release these energies and emotions so they don't get stuck causing chronic stress or illness.

Frequent and regular movement helps release tension from the muscles and tissues and gives a break for your mind as you connect with your body. Here are some of my favorite practices:

Any movement method of your choice will work. Most importantly find what brings you joy, focus on your breath and enjoy being in your body and out of your mind.

You are only one facial away from a good day.

Tip 3: Receive a healing facial or bodywork session Intentionally carving out sacred time for a beautifying self care treatment is one of the best ways to nurture your being. During an appointment you will have nothing to do but relax and receive. This allows an overactive mind a chance to calm while tension is released from the muscles and tissues, bringing the body to a state of relaxation that can't be achieved on it's own.

The face in particular, is a focal point of around 43 muscles that are continuously supporting our expressions. Years of continuous tension in the neck, jaw, brows, lips and eyes can shape the face in undesirable ways. Massage is one of the best ways to release tension in the fascia and bring about a relaxed and lifted expression. It not only feels incredible in areas like the jaw and brows but is an essential practice of aging gracefully. There is a link between looking good and feeling good. Maintaining your appearance is something to strive for, as it has been proven to uplift mood, morale, energy, confidence and quality of life.

Learn how to be the gatekeeper of your time and energy.

Tip 4: Pay attention to energy drains So now we know what energy to bring into our lives, but it's also just as important to know where the energy is leaking. The more vibrant energy you invest towards your life and goals, it becomes vital to protect your peace by eliminating unnecessary drains.

There is no getting around managing various stressors that life can bring us. This isn't about turning a blind eye to what needs attention, but rather noticing where there may be unnecessary energy drains. It takes an immense amount of mindfulness to recognize when we are going too far in a direction that isn't serving our mental state.

Energy drains can be as subtle as scrolling endlessly on social media and comparing our lives to others, or discouraging ourselves with negative self talk. Keep a close watch on your mental state while engaging in activities which can lead to anxiety. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to your best friend and do any of the above recommendations as a means to shift the energy.

Holistic beauty encompasses body-mind-spirit approach which ultimately result in healthy radiant skin.

As a licensed Esthetician who focuses on the holistic approach to aging graceful, I have seen how mental health is absolutely a part of your skin care health. There is a direct correlation between stress and accelerated aging of the body and skin.

Beautiful skin is a lifestyle. Like most things, solutions are not 'one and done', but rather a lifetime of cultivated practices and refinement. Different times in our lives might call for a different level of consistent actions and modalities, but the good news is tools and support are available for you. By harnessing the power of your own magic, the micro habits can create macro changes.

The world needs the light and beauty of your healing vibration, a gem that always comes out of true rejuvenation. Giving to yourself, by channeling your energy, you will emerge even more creatively inspired, grateful and ready to give back.

Your co-creator in beauty,

Summer xoxo


Hello, my name is Summer, a licensed Esthetician from San Rafael, California. I specialize in corrective facials combined with deep restorative healing. I am obsessed with bringing joy to my clients with results that they see and feel.

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