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Ritual Skincare is a boutique studio located in San Rafael, CA offering deeply replenishing and corrective skincare treatments. Your ideal escape to discover the magic of self-care. 


Facials at Ritual Skincare are designed by Esthetician, Summer Murphy to optimize a refreshed youthful appearance and achieve that glow. 


  • High quality botanical products

  • Innovative science 

  • Massage and intuitive healing touch 

  • A customized holistic approach for beauty from the inside out. 

The facial service menu is simple and easy! 

You pick an amount of time for your facial and we create a custom protocol designed to improve the vitality of your skin and target your top concerns. 

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your journey to beauty

At Ritual you can:

  • Receive a custom treatment

  • Build an effective regimen

  • Feel confident and renewed

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Q: "How do I prepare for a facial?"

A: For best results, refrain from using retinol and exfoliants 3-5 days prior. Also, take inventory of your current product usage so we can discuss your regimen. 

Q: "Is there downtime?"

A: Typically no, however; it depends on your skin and treatment. You may experience light flaking 2-4 days after your facial. This is normal. 

Q: "What products do you use and or sell?"

A: I use professional-grade clean beauty products by Cosmedix and Botnia. I also have a retail selection of these lines to build your unique home-care routine".

Q: "How often should I get a facial?"

A: For progressive results I recommend a facial every 4-6 weeks. 


Rachel Schaefer

Summer is more than an expert in her field, she's a visionary. I've always felt in her care not just taken care of in her current treatment, but that she is educating me and helping draft a better tomorrow for my skin in her teaching and plan development. She's precise and has an obvious passion in the art of her trade. My skin is always way better following a visit with her than when I came in, and I've come away from this fabulous womb of an environment she creates, with specialized massage and insight beyond skincare. I feel so lucky to have found someone in her role with so much integrity, kindness, skill and vision. I highly recommend Summer for skin care and as an advocate for your total well-being.

Kelley Mountain

Summer has extensive knowledge of high quality and natural products, healthy skincare tips (internally and externally), and services to help me keep my face looking youthful and radiant. Her work goes beyond skin-deep though, as she really understands the connection between self care, self love, self worth, and how to build a confident expression of one's beauty from the inside out. Summer has converted me into a daily Skincare Ritual devotee, and she is my guru!

Lindsay Devore

Summer has been my go-to skincare expert for nearly 5 years and the results I have seen in my skin have been incredible. During my many months of pregnancy and nursing - a time when women need to steer clear of countless anti-aging ingredients her in-depth knowledge of products was extremely helpful in finding the right regimen to make my skin look its best.

April Bruder

I'm that girl who went to bed with makeup on every night and never put product on my face until my mid 30s when I decided it was time to make a change. Summer first helped me understand my skin, then described the type of treatments that would be the most effective and lastly helped me pick out a collection of products that met my needs but didn't break the bank. Keeping this process within my budget was really important. Now I'm hooked and love taking care of my skin. I'm forever grateful for Summer's experience and knowledge. 

the ritual space

"It is such a magical sanctuary!" - Kelley

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