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A holistic approach to graceful aging brings vitality and balance to the skin's unique nature.

Purple Flowers

Results driven facials use a variety of tools, modalities, high-quality botanicals, as well as encourage a healthy lifestyle to foster beauty from within. 

Enjoy an immediate afterglow and refined appearance with each facial, while also benefiting from accumulative results with consistent treatments.

Learn about the various techniques and technologies practiced by Summer and incorporated into your treatment, as time permits.

celluma led

Celluma is a FDA cleared medical-grade device that delivers therapeutic results.
  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles while boosting collagen production.
  •  treats acne, scarring, texture.
Click here to read more about Celluma LED

Oxygen Infusion 

Oxygen infuser dispenses oxygenated micronized skincare nutrients deep into the skin for an immediate long-lasting plump, hydrated & dewy glow. O2 infuser is paired with an ultra hydrating peptide serum to alleviate dryness and fine lines

ultrasonic lifting and exfoliating wand

Essia is an ultrasonic wand that has 3 powerful functions:
  • EMS microcurrent feature which provides lifting & firming to the skin
  • Deep product penetration and hydration
  • Exfoliate and unclog pores
Beauty Treatment
Beauty treatment of face skin with high

high frequency

Also known as the Tesla high frequency current, high frequency generates a safe and effective oxygenating power to the skin. Stimulates cell renewal, circulation and has an anti-bacterial action, treating conditions such as acne, inflamation and wrinkles. 

facial massage

Facial massage provides endless benefits including: contouring and lifting the skin, increasing blood flow, penetrating delicious oils, decreasing puffiness, releasing sinus pressure, headaches and jaw tension as well as overall providing an opportunity to deeply relax and be nourished.
Massage methods used in treatments include:
  • Gua sha and anma
  • Lymph drainage
  • Acupressure
  • Lifting and firming slap, tap and roll techniques
Amythst guasha.jpg
space 16.jpg

crystal meditation masks

Weighted masks of hand sewn high-quality crystals (rose quartz or amythest) guide you into a deep restorative state. Also helps to reduce puffiness, redness and restore a healthy glow. The coolness of the stones support lymph drainage and increases blood flow. 
Aesthetic Procedure. Beautician Applying

Professional products

Homecare products are available to purchase and a custom treatment plan can be designed especially for you, your skin, budget and lifestyle. 

Ritual partners with:​​

  • Botnia

  • Cosmedix

  • Alix Clo

  • Le Mieux 

Healing touch

Therapeutic touch is an important part of a facial. Come experience the healing benefits of massage and touch through refined massage techniques.  
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