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Got maskne? A simple regimen to restore balance

Have you noticed your skin acting up around your chin and jawline? You are not alone.

Unfortunately, wearing a tightly bound mask for an extended period of time creates a humid bacteria-loving environment. The result is congestion and irritated skin. #maskne

It is a bummer to deal with, but it doesn't have to be the new norm. Take a big breath of relief as #cosmedix has our skin's best interest at heart.

Read on to discover four products that can turn this ship around and have you sailing back into skin-bliss harbor.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Sometimes when we go into "fix it" mode we create more problems. Less is more.

It's time to get back to the basics. If you do too much you won't be able to troubleshoot what is working for you (or not working for you).

What your skin needs essentially, is to find balance. This happens with gentle cleansing, hydration and a targeted serum.


Cleansing 2x's a day is important. Especially after a long day in your mask. The key is to not skimp on the cleansing step and view it as a treatment. Thoroughly massage the cleanser into your skin for a few minutes. Making sure to get along the jawline and neck.

Morning Cleanse

Cosmedix Crystal Cleanser

Refresh your face in the morning. This effective yet gentle cleanser will leave your skin with lasting hydration and won't clog your pores. Click here to purchase.

Evening Cleanse

Cosmedix Clarity Foaming Cleanser

A targeted cleanser for blemishes will be sure to deeply cleanse your skin at the end of a long day. With a powerful ingredient like salicylic in the mix you will have extra bacteria fighting ingredients on your side.

Click here to purchase.


It can be tempting to skip the moisturizer when breakouts occur. But the truth is your skin needs a healthy level of hydration to heal. Including a moisturizer on your skin is still an essential step and shouldn't be skipped.

Moisturize AM/PM

Cosmedix Harmonize

A perfect lightweight moisturizer for skin that needs balancing. It helps to restore moisture in the barrier of the skin with skin conditioning probiotics to fight stressors.

Click here for purchase.


If you feel like your skin needs more TLC with acne fighting ingredients, adding in one targeted power serum will do the trick!

Cosmedix Clarity Serum

An effective solution for acne yet gentle and hydrating for irritated skin. This serum tackles anti-aging concerns as well as blemishes. A win-win!

Click here to purchase.

Keep in mind maskne is temporary. Your skin will rebalance.

When the skin is irritated, it can add to stress levels. Try to stay calm and refrain from touching your face with your hands throughout the day. This will only prolong the problem and keep you thinking about it. The good news is it is temporary. Begin with creating a balanced simple regimen, then see what other areas of your life you can simplify.

Everything is connected!

A holistic perspective for skin balance includes following a simple alkaline rich and hydrating diet, plus practicing stress reducing activities.

Most importantly be gentle with your skin and yourself. You deserve to feel good in your skin, especially now.

Has wearing a mask affected your skin in any way?

If you are desiring an in-person skin makeover, a facial series could put you back on track.

Your beautiful skin is my job! Please follow link below for more information.

Summer Murphy

Esthetician, Ritual Skincare

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